Saturday, 12 March 2011

Strenght of a faith

On what depends our faith?

On the things other people say or on our inner understanding?

We believe in images and icons and give them real feelings, believe that they are true, either Jesus in the west or Krishna on the east or anybody/thing else.
How is our faith in the icons returned, how it grows?

Guru is different. He/she is alive and can and usually says what is good and what is not. Till today I did not meet anyone who 100% followed what guru told.

We have a tendency not to listen but we do not have a tendency to follow understanding and tolerance.

If anybody want to discredit guru he just needs to say two things:

1) he/she is doing it for the money

2) he is doing it for sex (here she does not apply in most of the cases)

Now few questions arise out of which are two:

a) why do we immediately believe in that
b) what happened to our faith

Let's top here for the moment....